Travel Diary: New York in November

When I travel, I try to see everything I possibly can in a new place. This was the case on my first trip to New York, but I eventually realized that there is no humanly possible way of seeing everything NYC has to offer in 3 or 4 days.

While on my trip to New York this November (my fifth this year!), I realized that I needed to chill out. I took my time and saw the things I wanted to see, when I wanted to see them.

This trip was short (Friday morning to Monday afternoon) so I was torn between seeing my family, friends, and making sure I had time to sleep.

I never feel as if I have enough time in New York… it’s alright, though, I already have my next trip booked.


After traveling all morning,  I spent Friday afternoon on a mission to find an outfit for that evening. I hit up Macy’s (yes, it’s a tourist trap, but you are always guaranteed to find something) for some awesome thigh-high boots and hoop earrings. I found myself a killer furry jacket across the street at the brand-new H&M, which I would pair with a dress I had brought from home. I was proud of my finds and was really feeling my inner Russian-Mob Wife look that evening.


I attended a birthday party for a dear friend at Yerba Buena- Perry Street… I’ll have to do a full review because the lobster tacos and Strawberry Sour cocktail were to die for. Yerba Buena is this intimate, little place in the West Village and was rated highly for birthdays, which is why my friend chose it. The party moved to a bar on the Lower East side but I was so drained from travel that I was back home in bed by 1am.



Saturday was spent with my friend Patricia, who was my gracious host for the weekend. I had never been to The High Line and heard great things about it, so Patricia and I  made our way over to the Meatpacking District. We walked about a quarter mile of the high line, found a lounge chair  and just chatted. It was a nice escape from the hustle and bustle, with a great view of the city.

After that we explored the Chelsea Market… (I adore the artists and flea market vendors in the back.) On the way back to her apartment, Patricia and I stopped by Big Gay Ice Cream. It was my first time and I got to try something off the secret menu… let me know if you’re interested in finding out what in the comments.


In the evening, we had dinner at Dos Amigo’s SOHO. The Sangria was delicious. A friend of mine met us after and we moved to Whiskey Town, a past favorite of mine… their Grandma’s lemonade (with vodka) is delicious. And while I am not a fan of whiskey, the Grandpa’s lemonade also has received rave reviews.


Sunday morning was the only time I had to myself for the entire trip. I was free to do whatever I wanted until around 1 pm. I spent the morning lounging in bed, daydreaming about what it would be like to live in New York City. When I finally got the energy to get up, I wandered around the precious, safe neighborhood of Stuyvesant Town. I never had been to this part of Manhattan, and since Patricia was living here, I figured it would be interesting to learn more about it. This suburb within the city had a farmer’s market going on, an ice skating rink, a private gym, and even a pre-school for its residents.

That afternoon I met up with my cousin at our holy place, Bloomingdales. I only window shopped, but I picked out a few dresses to potentially wear on New Years and browsed the shoe section… (I am convinced if I buy one more pair of shoes, I will be kicked out of my house.)

We then met up with her nanny and my adorable niece at the Central Park Zoo. I try to make an appearance at Central Park on each of my trips to NYC… but I have never had the opportunity to visit the zoo. It was beautiful to see the park with all of the fall foliage. IMG_3309.jpg


After packing up my belongings, Patricia and I spent Monday in midtown. We visited Rockefeller Plaza and saw the Christmas tree (which was still boarded up and not yet on display), the ice rink, and the other beautiful decorations. We stopped into the NBC store, where I pretended I was hosting The Today Show and judging The Voice.


We subway-ed back to her place and hung out before my flight. On a side note, my flight was out of the Marine Terminal at LaGuardia. This was quite the experience for me, since I had never been in such a tiny, shack-like terminal.

Travel Tip: I always love to shop when I am in NYC and packing is always a hassle. This trip I did not check a bag… everything fit in my rolling carry-on. I make sure to roll my clothes, and use Ziplock baggies for dirty socks/lingerie.

Favorite Site of the trip: Central Park’s Fall Foliage

Favorite Food of the trip: Tompkin’s Square Bagels

Favorite Bar of the trip: Whiskey Town

Thing to save for my next trip: Bottomless Brunch


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