5 Jet-setting Airport Tips

5 Jet-setting Airport Tips

A quick tip list to help you get a grip of airplane travel. Some easy ways to battle the stress that comes with flying to your destination.

1. Fly direct.

Flights get delayed and cancelled, and weather is unpredictable. Layovers/connections are a annoying. Avoid getting to your destination later than expected by flying direct whenever it is possible (and affordable!)

2. Check the internet for travel info.

(and we mean more than just your departure time and gate info)
We can’t stress this enough. Too many people just don’t know about sites like ifly.com. This website will tell you how long to expect the check-in, baggage check, and security lines to be. No more extra time in the airport. No more running to your gate because security was a pain.

3. Bring a day’s worth of necessities in your carry on.

Nothing is more aggravating than luggage that doesn’t get to your destination when you do. Carrying on a clean set of underwear, change of clothes, and toothbrush will only make waiting for your luggage at your awesome destination easier.

4. Carry on a scarf/blanket/sweater.

Planes are cold, delays happen. Bring something comfy to keep you warm while you nap or snuggle up on the plane. Our experts recommend the Unisex Circle Scarf by American Apparel. It looks like a scarf, but works like a blanket when you unravel it.

5. Wear comfy, easily removable shoes, and bring socks!

(unless your 65+ or under 13)
Do you want to be barefoot in an airport? That’s just gross!


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