Door County, WI is the Perfect Weekend Getaway

Door County, WI is the Perfect Weekend Getaway

If you’re from the Chicago area, you have probably heard Door County mentioned by your friends or neighbors several times. This little peninsula of small towns is located just 4 hours outside of Chicago.

Door County is a perfect Midwest weekend getaway. Consisting of a number of small towns, gorgeous state parks, quaint bed and breakfasts, and beaches with water activities for the whole family.

Quick Breakdown: Must See/Do’s In Door County 


There are plenty to choose from but my favorite is Lautenbauch’s Orchard Country (I get their fruit wine shipped to me! This is in Fish Creek and is also where I tried cherry wine & salsa!


Eat as many as you possibly can while in Door County! Try everything cherry flavored.


Door County Kayak Tours are awesome as are the water activities you can do without a tour guide, pick what’s best for your family and roll with it


I’m a cheese fanatic, and no trip to Wisconsin is complete without some Cheese… we stopped at a place right outside of Sturgeon Bay (there are billboards for it all around the island)

But if you want more info, here’s my breakdown of some of the small towns nestled in Door County:

Sturgeon BayState Park Wisconsin

Sturgeon Bay is at the bottom of the peninsula. My hotel was located in Sturgeon Bay. The first thing I made sure to do was grab a map from the hotel’s reception desk. I was determined to make informed decisions about where to go.

Fish Creek

Peninsula State Park is located on the edge of Fish Creek, next to Lake Michgian . The Park has trails that are easily explorable by even a novice hiker. Adventurous spirits can be seen jumping off cliffs into the water or climbing down rocks into a shallow swimming area. Caves are waiting to be explored and wonderful sites (like rock sculptures) to be seen!

Sister Bay

Sister Bay is home to the coolest restaurant ever, and I’m not just saying that… Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant. The food is spectacular, but what makes this place one of a kind is the five goats that graze the rooftop.


kayak rentalThis small town is easy to drive past, but I recommend stopping if you want to participate in any water sports. We chose to kayak, but also had the option to go stand-up paddle boarding or rent a pontoon or other boat. My younger brother and I were not ambitious enough to kayak out too far, but had wished we had! We could have swum all the way out to Chamber’s Island! We kayaked along the outside of Peninsula State Park! Ephraim is also home to some beautiful bed and breakfasts, as well as beach side motels and resorts.

Washington Island

I did not get the chance to go all the way out to Washington Island, but if you take the short 7 mile ferry ride you won’t regret it. Washington Island is home to beaches, lighthouses, and a lavender farm!

Egg HarborLanger family Egg Harbor

Home to a marina, a bunch of stores and restaurants, and some beaches, Egg Harbor is a must stop on everyone’s list. We ate water by the marina and enjoyed a beautiful sunset on a dock… what else could be more relaxing?

Have you been to Door County? Do you prefer another Midwest vacation town? Let me know in the comments below!

Door County, Wisconsin- the Perfect Weekend Getaway


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