Hiking Runyon Canyon

Los Angeles View from Runyon Canyon

Runyon Canyon Trail is a loop trail through the Hollywood Hills. Runyon’s scenic views perfect spot for locals to hike with or without their dogs. With an entrance located at the top of Fuller Ave, Runyon is easily accessible from anywhere in Los Angeles. Free yoga and celebrity sightings make Runyon a top tourist location.

Runyon Canyon Map

What Path do I take?

A shorter path than the Griffith Observatory/Hollywood Sign hike, this moderate trail spans 2.5 miles. The hike features tidbits of  L.A. history, including ruins of buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The park is open 7 days a week, from dawn to dusk. Although it is super canine friendly, Runyon has strict rules in place for dogs in the park. No dogs under the age of 4 months are permitted, dogs must be vaccinated, dogs can only be off leash in marked areas… For a complete list of policies visit Runyon’s website. 

My Hike

I am not an experienced hiker, but when I was planning my fourth trip to LA, I anticipated doing some sort of hike every day. I didn’t make it to the Griffith Observatory Hike or the Hollywood sign, but I found Runyon Canyon to be a very do-able hike. The short distance we were on an unpaved path were a bit challenging. I felt my self sliding several times and realizing that if the whole hike was this challenging, I wouldn’t last long. As a Fitbit enthusiast, I am big on making sure I get my daily steps in, and am constantly wearing my tracker. On the day we went to Runyon, we spent all day on our feet and packed snacks such as protein bars to eat. We walked to breakfast, hiked Runyon, walked to and explored the Hollywood Walk of  Fame, and then wandered around the USC Campus area. I doubled my step goal for the day, reaching 23,0379 steps.

Runyon Canyon’s Address is 2001 N. Fuller Ave. Los Angeles   Hiking Runyon Canyon  


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