Surprise! I Had a Baby

Well here’s a curveball for you… in April 2021, I had a baby! While COVID did put a damper on my travel plans, having a baby will not! I am still the Jet-setting Spirit. In the near future, I hope to still continue to update this blog with city guides and travel experiences. However, I am taking some time currently to develop a few new projects.

The first of which is a new blog! The typical audience of Jet-setting Spirit probably does not want to read about all my mommy-related things, so I am proud to introduce No Drama Single Mama, my own personal mommy blog.  Some topics I plan to cover will overlap with this blog: traveling while pumping, traveling with baby, traveling with baby solo. However, I figure the mommy posts deserve their own home! Feel free to check it out! I’ll also add a section to the Jet-setting Spirit menu and sidebar with links to travel-specific posts from No Drama Single Mama!

Thank you for supporting me on this journey!


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