My First Paint and Sip Experience

My First Paint and Sip Experience

Paint and Sip is an art craze that I had been dying to try… Wth a studio open just 5 minutes from my house, you’d expect me to be one of the first to try it! Unfortunately life got in the way and I kept on putting it of… that is until I went to LA this November.

When planning my most recent trip to LA, my friend Sara who lives out there wasn’t sure what to do with me… What do you show someone who’s been to the city a handful of times? We decided to keep my visit low-key, adding in some fun shopping to keep things interesting. When deciding what to do at night, one thing came up that we were both eager to try: wine & painting.

And let me just say, this creative outing is the perfect girls night out, date night, or way to spend time with family! Most studios are 21+ though, so plan your outings accordingly.

The Studio

When picking the right studio- there isn’t much to consider. Many studios offer similar paintings, on different days. Each studio has unique instructors who are experts in painting! Picking the right studio is not as big of a challenge as picking the right painting. Some offer a BYOB  “happy hour” prior to painting… some just encourage you to arrive 15 minutes early so that you can get settled.

When selecting a studio, my friend Sara and I looked at over 15 places. Prices varied between $25-40. All things considered, we picked the one that had the most “LA” painting, on a day we had nothing planned- Paint & Sip Studio LA.

If you are planning a private event, check with the studio regarding their BYOB policy (some studios have bars!) and if they allow anyone under 21- for your younger Picassos!


Our Painting Experience

From the moment we arrived, our instructor, Tamara, was very welcoming. She opened up our Rosé while chatting with us. Once everyone arrived, she went over her two rules… we were allowed to ignore anything she said and we were not allowed to be stressed about this painting. If she heard us say the word “stress” she was allowed to paint a mustache on our face… Thankfully this did not happen to me.

Tamara started us off by having us paint the sky, blending colors to create the sunset look. We were only given 5 colors- white, black, red, yellow, and blue. Throughout the painting experience, Tamara taught us the different techniques used to create various parts of our painting. She also walked around and helped us, if we needed it… I’ll admit, painting clouds was not my specialty, and I did end up asking for help.


Why You Should Try This While Traveling

I think an amazing way to really gain understanding of the culture of a place you are visiting is through art. Some people choose to look at art, others choose to create art… Personally, I fell in love with this idea. I would love to do a wine and painting everywhere I travel. I’ve painted in Cancun and LA… let’s see what’s next on my list!

FYI: If you try a paint and sip experience while traveling, and your painting does not fit in your carry on, do not worry about carrying it on. I was able to fit mine under my seat, while another guy on my flight was able to store his behind the business class seats. Most flights have a closet- so don’t be shy about asking a flight attendant if you can store your painting there!


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