Naveen’s Cuisine – Things to Do in Chicago

Naveen’s Cuisine – Things to Do in Chicago

Chicagoans are always looking for things to do. During the summer, we go to the beach, hang out at a rooftop bar, or visit one of the many festivals that’s happening around town. In the winter, our options are much more limited. We still like to do things in the winter, however most of the time we prefer to do them from the comfort on our home.Naveen’s Cuisine is the perfect excuse to get out of your pajamas, bundle up and head across town to enjoy a warm night of cooking, drinks, and fun in Chicago.

Naveen’s Cuisine

Now I’ll be the first to admit, when my friend told me she wanted to do a cooking class as her birthday party, I was not excited. I didn’t want to pay money to cook my own food. I wanted to sit back and relax and have someone else put in the work. When we arrived at Navine’s Cuisine in Wicker Park, I was pleasantly surprised. On the outside, it was a typical storefront, but on the inside… The location was homey and comforting. The Chef, Naveen, was too! Naveen was very welcoming and encouraged us to open our wine (Naveen’s is BYOB and no corkage fee!) and get comfortable. Naveen’s Cuisine focuses on Indian and Thai based recipes which are vibrant and flavorful.

The Food

To start the night, Naveen introduced us to our menu and went over some ground rules. Our menu consisted of Vegetable Spring Rolls, Garlic Chicken Egg Drop soup, Broiled Thai Pork Meatballs, and Chicken Pad Thai. The other party had a few vegetarians, so Naveen modified their recipes so that half of each dish was prepared in a vegetarian way (other than the meatballs).

The Experience

Naveen demonstrated the techniques we’d be using and walked us through each recipe.  When it was time to cook, we each took on our roles and got started. There were two parties happening at Naveen’s Cuisine on the night I went, and both included experienced and unexperienced cooks. Naveen ensured that both parties were happy and comfortable with their roles. Each party cooked their own food and worked in their own kitchen.

I think out of all my friends, I was the most inexperienced. When it came to my cooking skills, I’m great with a skillet but should definitely stay away from sharp objects. It came as a surprise to nobody when I cut my finger on a grater, while julienning cucumbers. I had a great time, regardless, and got out of using any large knives (which I’ll call a win!).

Throughout the evening Naveen helped us as much as we needed, walked us through what we were doing step by step and made sure we were enjoying ourselves. He also had two assistants who helped prep everything and clean up for us. They also helped us perfect our technique if Naveen was with the other party.

We were also able to bring our own dessert and celebrate my friends birthday. There was no rush for us to get out of there, and Naveen even joined us for dessert! We had a wonderful time that none of us will ever forget.

Why Naveen’s

Naveen’s Cuisine is perfect for a girls night cooking class, date night, or any celebration! He has classes throughout the week, and on weekends too. The classes are easy to follow and include something for every cook/palette. Naveen is also available for private events and catering orders too. He is an experienced chef who opened his own cooking studio in 2008 and has even authored a cookbook.

Have any questions about Naveen’s Cuisine? Would you consider taking a cooking class? Have you ever taken one? Let me know in the comments below!




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