Chicago Food Guide through the Instagrammers Eye

Chicago Food Guide through the Instagrammers Eye

Known as a major foodie hub in the USA, Chicago is home to some delicious, unique treats. Numerous instagrammers/bloggers have dedicated their lives to trying the yummiest options Chicago has to offer and have been chronicling it all through there instagram accounts. This Chicago Food Guide through the Instagrammer’s eye will give you a look into the food culture of chicago.

Update: I originally posted this blog post in November 2015, but figured after 2 years it was time to give some newer bloggers/instagrammers some love. With ever changing restaurants, and new trends, this Chicago Food Guide definitely needed to be updated.

Quite honestly, all of these are my favorite accounts that I personally use when choosing where to grab a bite to eat in Chicago.

Chicago Food Authority at @chicagofoodauthority

This is the original, Chicago foodie guide. Back when Instagram still let users look at someone’s photo map, I would open up Chicago Food Authority and take a look at what was around me in any particular neighborhood of the city. My favorite thing about this instagrammer? She interacts with her followers and even listens to their recommendations!

Kipperoni at @hungryhungrykippo

Kips loves to eat her way around Chicago. The Hungry Hungry Kippo posts about her chronicles trying new restaurants and returning to the ones she loves most. I follow her to get a sense of what to try on every adventure into the city.

For the Foodies at @forthefoodies_

This instagrammer is a lover of food and travel. She creates mile long lists of all the must-try foodie places in every city she visits and highlights them on her instagram. She’s a sushi fanatic with a sweet tooth. Her favorite restaurants to visit include Parlor Pizza Bar and Gnoccheria in New York, among many more.

Liz at @afoodiegoescleanish

Liz is a Med school student focused on eating clean-ish, like most of us. She shares her home-cooked meals along with her all her extraordinary Chicago eats. Most of her meals are also based on a student-friendly budget, so she’s an awesome resource for any of you who may be students!

Allison at @lifesabeacham

Allison is the gluten-free girl’s (or guy’s) best friend. She blogs her way through cooking and eating safe, gluten-free options in Chicago. She documents her eats around the country, as well! Based in Chicago, one of the spots she frequents includes Wheats End Cafe. She also shares her gluten-free grocery hauls and recipes!

Me, the Jet-setting Spirit, at @jessslanger

You knew I had to plug myself, right?

While I don’t ONLY post pictures of food and Chicago, when I find a cool/yummy/unique place, I am always sure to share it. My instagram is a photo diary of my life, much like the My Year in Review Posts on this blog!

Honorable mentions:

Chicago Craves at @chicago_craves

Chi City Foodie at @chicityfoodie

312 Food at @312food

Everything Erica at @everythingerica


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