About Jess


Travel is a passion.

As the Jet-setting Spirit, I want to take my passion and share it with you. I have discovered a way to plan travel, stress-free. With my help, you can too.

Growing up with a travel agent for a mother, I was able to experience parts of the world my friends could only dream of. I had been to Mexico ten times by the time I was twelve… My serious passion for travel became a well known thing following a trip to Israel in January of 2015. Within minutes of returning home, I was planning more adventures. I wanted to see more of the world . Sharing my journey through Instagram, I would constantly have people tell me that they loved watching my adventure through my feed. And while that was a huge compliment, the feeling I got from traveling was the biggest reward.

I loved seeing new places, trying new things, being in a place that was much different than my suburban hometown or university’s campustown in the middle of cornfields.

I hope you enjoy following along as I wander through various parts of the world.


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