Surprise! I Had a Baby

Well here’s a curveball for you… in April 2021, I had a baby! While COVID did put a damper on my travel plans, having a baby will not! I am still the Jet-setting Spirit. In… View Post

Jet-setting Spirit – Travel Q&A

What was your first trip? My parents took me to the Bahamas when I was just 18 months old. It was the trip that inspired my mom to become a travel agent. I really credit… View Post

What I Miss About Travel During COVID-19

I traveled to New York in January 2020 for a long weekend girls’ trip. Never in a million years did I expect that to be my last trip for the next year and a half.… View Post

A Day in Sedona

A week before my trip to Arizona, someone asked me if I was planning to go to Sedona. I looked at them puzzled, and asked: “What’s in Sedona?” They told me Sedona is one of… View Post

Scottsdale, Arizona Travel Guide

Arizona was always high on my bucket list of states to visit. I wanted to travel out west, see nature, experience the dry heat… I never knew what to expect. In my head, I thought… View Post